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HE444 Ultra Stable 3D Hall Sensor

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  • Measures strong and weak 3D magnetic fields with very high precision, enabling measurement of field strength and 3D direction
  • Ratiometric, measures positive and negative fields with high precision
  • All axes cross exactly in the same center point
  • Only 3.3 by 3.3 by 3.3 mm size
  • Ceramic enclosure
  • Can be soldered but also be bonded
  • For testing the HE244 can be used, each axis is identical, but the HE444 shows an even better PHE (Planar Hall Effect) reduction
  • Solderpad pinout as three times the HE244 Hall sensor, can also be delivered with welded fine twisted pair cable, contact us for more information
  • Has a very wide temperature range, and a version up to +250 ºC (+480 ºF) is available
  • Very low offset, with ultra low temperature coefficient on offset, giving ultra low total drift
  • Also ultra low long term drift
  • Very low noise
  • Very wide range from a µTesla range to many Tesla
  • Extremely low PHE (Planar Hall Effect) Error, meaning Z field measurements show no X and Y field errors
  • Axes do not influence each other
  • Typical 500 Ohm and 0,2 Volt/Tesla at 2 mA per axis
  • Moves 3D Hall measurements into the 6+ digit range!
  • Technical information can be found here:
    HE444 Hall sensor datasheetHE444 analog 3D Hall sensor datasheet

Typical applications

  • Precize 3D magnetometers
  • Precize 3D positioning
  • Measuring precize 3D homogenous fields
  • MRI scanners
  • Universities, research facilities
  • Mapping magnetic fields